Virtual Performances created by James Pressler

Henry Purcell (1658-1695)

Eight Harpsichord Suites

Played on Willard Martin 3-stop Saxon Harpsichord sampled by Brett Milan

No. TitleMovementsTimeClick to stream all tracksAlternate versions
1Suite I in GPrelude, Almand, Courante, Minuet3:12 ListenCembalo Mietke
2Suite II in G minorPrelude, Almand, Courante, Saraband, Chacone, Siciliano 9:40 ListenCembalo Mietke
3Suite III in GPrelude, Almand, Courante5:20 ListenCembalo Mietke
4Suite IV in A minorPrelude, Almand, Courante, Saraband4:44 Listen1981 Dutch Harpsichord
5Suite V in CPrelude, Almand, Courante, Saraband, Cebell [Gavot],
Minuet, Riggadoon, Intrada, March
10:17 ListenCembalo Mietke
6Suite VI in DPrelude, Almand, Courante3:44 ListenCembalo Mietke
7Suite VII in D minorAlmand, Courante I & II5:06 ListenCembalo Mietke
8Suite VIII in FPrelude, Almand, Courante, Minuet5:42 Listen1981 Dutch Harpsichord
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